Approved Paddle List For Play at Trilogy at Vistancia 2019


In an effort to reduce the recreational noise caused by the game of Pickleball, the Trilogy Pickleball Club has adopted a list of approved paddles that can be used on our courts. This list has been developed by Sun City Grand (SSG.) It is based on a sound study that was commissioned there to determine which paddles were creating sound at a decibel level that may be unacceptable.
In addition to the sound study performed, the SSG Pickleball Club provided assistance by testing the most commonly used paddles, allowing them to create a chart so those playing the game or thinking of playing the game would know what paddles are allowed on the courts. One thing pointed out and also observed is that a simple "ear" test (listening to play) will also alert those monitoring the use when a player is using a paddle that is much louder than the approved paddles.

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Click below for a chart of Approved Paddles:
Green Zone - Those paddles fall within acceptable noise levels and are approved for use on Trilogy Pickleball Courts. If you are looking to buy a new paddle, you would be safe to choose a paddle from this zone.

Red Zone - These paddles are not allowed on the courts in Trilogy under any circumstances.