Skill Building Clinics


TPC will continue to schedule and offer several types of training opportunities for the 2019/2020 season as detailed below. Please check the Upcoming Events section of the website homepage for future dates, and be sure watch your email for specifics on upcoming clinics.


Joel Meier is a 5.0 tournament player, USAPA Ambassador, and IPTPA Certified Pickleball instructor. Joel will be available on several Sundays throughout the season to provide instruction to club members who are interested. Instruction formats will include:

Boot Camps: 5-hour boot camps that will include 5 lessons:

1. Court positioning, footwork, paddle positioning

2. Serving and types of serves

3. Third shot drop versus third shot drive

4. Dinking

5. Game strategy, lobs, playing effectively with partners

Ten participants per camp on two courts; $100 per person. Quick lunch during the camp.

”Three-and-Me”:  1-hour training session.

1. Three players schedule 1 hour with Joel and he will play along as the fourth player.

2. Play will frequently be stopped to give feedback and discuss improvements and changes to player technique.

3. Players can have specific techniques that they are interested in working on.

Three participants per 1-hour time slot; $25 per person.

 Tournament Preparation: 1-hour training session.

1. Two tournament partners will work with Joel in preparation for future tournaments.

2. Court positioning, doubles strategy, and shot selection will be discussed.

Two tournament players per 1-hour time slot; $30 per person.


David Smith is an IPTPA Certified Instructor based out of Anthem Country Club. He led skill level clinics at Trilogy last spring and they were very popular. We have David booked for one Wednesday and Thursday each month from November through March to conduct 1.5 hour clinics for skill levels 2.0-3.5. Eight people per class, $20 per person, which includes a question and answer session following the class. We have devised a training plan specific to each skill level. Skills to be worked on during the season:

1. Serves/returns

2. Third shot drop versus drive

3. Getting to the net

4. Blocking and softening the game when banging sets in

5. Volleying and put away shots

6. Moving around the court and using strategies

7. Partner communication

8. Trick shots

9. Dinking