Skill Level Coordinators


TPC skill level coordinator responsibilities:

  • Ensuring that TPC members attending a given round robin or skill level drop-in session are playing at their designated TPC rating
  • Organizing round robin play
  • Facilitating skill level drop-in session play (ie. round robins, king of the hill, open play)
  • Ensuring all TPC rules are followed and reporting to the TPC Board any infractions of TPC rules and policies in regards to sportsmanship and/or not playing at one's  TPC skill level 
  • Recommending rule or schedule changes to the TPC Board

Please contact your Skill Level Lead Coordinator below to join their team and help facilitate TPC scheduled play!!!


All TPC members are encouraged to participate as a Skill Level Coordinator!

Lead Skill Level Coordinators:

2.0 Skill Level:  

2.5 Skill Level: 

3.0 Skill Level:  Dan Muckerheide  -

3.5 Skill Level:  Richard Babin  -

4.0 Skill Level: