7/31/2019 E-Board Meeting Minutes


Call to order

A meeting of the Trilogy Pickleball Club E-Board was called to order at 10:00 AM and held in the Center for Higher Learning on Wednesday July 31, 2019. Attendees included David Hinton, President; Byron Gingrich, Treasurer; Doris Hinton, Secretary; Members-at-Large: Linda Shapiro, and Cassandra Caton. Jim Harris was also in attendance.

Approval of minutes

A motion was made and seconded to approve the meeting minutes from the 04/17/19 Pickleball Club General membership Meeting; all voted in favor.

Treasurer Report

*Checking account balance as of 7/31/ 2019 was $43,290. We will keep about $1,000 in the PayPal account for reimbursing any tournament registrants who cancel (last year it was 18-20 people).

*Expense for balls was $231 for 200 neon Durafast. We have about 150 Franklins left, so this quantity should last us a while. In the winter, we use more balls (about 15/day).

*In October, we will start requesting that 2020 dues be paid. It was agreed that any new members that sign up/pay in October/November/December 2019 will have those dues cover 2020 as well.

* Membership has reached 401 with 10 new members signing up since April.

Unfinished business

Committee Reports

· Court Maintenance and Equipment: Byron Gingrich

-Mouse traps were put in and around the storage box and one critter was captured. No others seem to have surfaced.

-David power washed the tables and chairs, and Byron tried cleaning them with DEP. This helped some, but the discoloration is probably embedded in the material.

- Byron pursued 3-4 electrical contractors in the spring and was finding no interest. He will start looking again. 

· Website/Online Presence/Member Survey: Doris Hinton

-David has been working with Paul (BlueStar I.T.) to get an interface with a webcam service going. Paul has been running into problems but is still working on it. We purchased a booster which will be mounted in the tennis hut. A solar camera has also been purchased. The webcam service will cost only about $25/month.

-Doris presented results of the Member Survey. She will extract the results from Survey Monkey and send copies to Board Members. Doris will summarize results for reporting back to the members.

· New Member Training: Mike Koenig

-Nothing to report.

·  Skill Development/Clinics: Doris Hinton

-Nothing to report.

· Social and Events: Linda Shapiro, with Cassandra Caton

-Nothing to report.

Tournament and Fund Raising:  Cassandra and Linda

-We have surpassed 2018 sponsorship funding at $5,250. OSR and Steward Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center will be co-lead sponsors this year. Other sponsors are Ryno Family Chiropractic, Zona, Lake Pleasant Realty, Edward Jones, and Nature’s Way Botanicals.

-Nature’s Way has offered club members the ability to purchase CBD Oil directly from their website at a discount, and the club will earn money back with member purchases. Doris will work to get this on our website and see that a notice goes out to the club members.

-We have 196 participants signed up so far; the goal is 225.

-David discussed giving out pins/bag tags either instead of or in addition to medals. After discussion, it was decided to do all of these because it is inexpensive (roughly $1,000) and because we will not give out hats this year (just cotton tee-shirts).

-We discussed whether it would be feasible to pay refs, since tournaments are heading in this direction. It was brought up that we do give free lunch, but it was decided that if we can keep it to under $1,000, we should pay outside refs $5, and certified refs $7. Trilogy volunteer refs will be encouraged to ref for free. David will research with USAPA.

-Byron will ask Jeff Stone to e-mail Surprise Pickleball Club members to recruit refs.

-David will e-mail tee-shirt color choices to Board members and request votes for women’s and men’s colors.

-Linda/Cassie will draft an e-mail to go out to the membership requesting volunteers sign up by need, date, and time slot. They will call a volunteer meeting before the tournament.

-Jim Harris will get in touch with portable bathroom company.

-Doris will see if OSR/Steward representatives can/will provide First Aid service.


-The member survey indicated that members are generally interested in a new rating system based on algorithms, or otherwise they don’t care how they are rated. David has a small group of people interested in being on a Rating Committee; he will contact them to see if there is commitment to implementing and running the program.

-Based on member feedback last season, and results of the member survey, David proposed changes to the Fall/Winter schedule. It was proposed that there be Open Play during the morning as well as the afternoon, thereby pushing scheduled play start time to 10:00AM. It was also proposed that Ladders be eliminated for the fall, since most members either do not play in them, or would rather have one more Round Robin/Skill Level Drop-In instead. The Board discussed these changes and unanimously voted to implement them. David will send the new schedule to the membership; it will be effective October 1

New Business


Date/Place of Next Meeting

David will come up with a couple of potential dates for early September.

Dates for Future Meetings

Thursday December 12, 2019 1:00-3:00PM Annual Membership Meeting


The meeting was adjourned at 12:03 PM.

4/17/2019 General Membership Meeting


Call to order

A General Membership meeting of the Trilogy Pickleball Club was called to order at 3:06 PM and held at the Kiva Club Tewa Ballroom on Wednesday April 17, 2019. Board member attendees included David Hinton, President; Byron Gingrich, Treasurer; Doris Hinton, Secretary; Members-at-Large: Linda Shapiro, Cassandra Caton, Paula Babin, and Mike Koenig.

Approval of minutes

A motion was made and seconded to approve the meeting minutes from the 03/06/19 Pickleball Club E-Board Meeting; all voted in favor.

Is it in, or is it out?

Chris Henningsen presented his useful model showing how a pickleball does not depress like a tennis ball, and is therefore technically “out” when the ball appears to be overlapping the line but is not touching it. 

Treasurer Report

*Checking account balance as of 4/16/ 2019 was $31,843.

*Expense for balls was $967 YTD, and we finished out paying for the storage unit and will solely use the new storage boxes at the courts.

*The annual expense for GoDaddy was $127, which will offset the previous years’ expenses for Survey Monkey/Weebly.

* Membership is 391 as of 4/17/19, with 42 new members signing on since 1/1/19. If this trend continues this year, the club will have almost 500 members by year end.

Member Comments/Questions

*Merlin suggested that we implement a card-swipe system at the courts that could document the number of players using the courts. It was suggested that this data could be used to persuade Shea to provide more courts.

David discussed that he has met with the BlueStar management to discuss obtaining more courts. They are supportive and understand the dilemma but recognize that Shea is not. We will continue to discuss with BlueStar and the Tennis Club when opportunities arise. Meanwhile, we have roughly $30k to fund potential future conversions.

*Merlin suggested that Mentors should be taught by our professional coaches before they are allowed to be a Mentor.

*Richard M. asked if members could book a private lesson on our courts during light usage times, such as very hot weather. 

The Trilogy courts are not to be used for private lessons; private lessons must be scheduled on public courts.

*A general discussion began regarding ratings requirements and the new additions to the schedule. David reviewed that the discussion of having people play in Ladders and Round Robins at their own true skill level began with the previous Board under Don Paisley. Additionally, it was reinforced that clubs across the U.S. and Canada are moving toward requiring club ratings.

Unfinished business

Committee Reports

· Court Maintenance and Equipment: Byron Gingrich

-Byron advised the membership that we purchased 2 storage boxes and ended the use of an off-site storage facility. This will save money after the first year.

-New water rollers were purchased.

-New nets were provided and installed by BlueStar.

-Power washing is now scheduled for once per month, and we have requested that weeds around the court be addressed.

-The electrical bid received for both Bocce and Pickleball was over $130k, which is unacceptable. David and Byron will work on seeking Pickleball-only bids.

-BlueStar will provide signage for the courts that advises that guests must register with the Kiva Club front desk.

· Website/Online Presence: Doris Hinton

-Doris presented features of the new website, which is using GoDaddy.

-Rex and Chet continue to work with Paul in the Kiva Club’s I.T. department to install an access point in the massage room closest to the courts to see if we could get an internet signal. If this works out, the Club will consider purchasing stronger outdoor range extenders and a solar camera to provide webcam service showing the court usage.

· New Member Training: Mike Koenig

-Mike indicated that 7 players were given a beginner lesson last week (his first session). A session is scheduled next week as well, and we will “play it by ear” after that as the season is winding down and folks are leaving town.

·  Skill Development/Clinics: Doris Hinton

-The club ran clinics on 9 days between mid-January and mid-April. All skill levels between 2.0 and 3.5, plus women’s-only groups participated (142 clinic participants). Feedback from these sessions has been very good, showing that players want to learn/progress.

-We are currently utilizing two instructors: David Smith, a 5.0 player/instructor from Anthem, and Joel Meier, a 5.0 IPTPA certified instructor.

-Nine Mentors made themselves available from late January to mid-April. Most Mentors report having worked with 8-12 players each since we started the program. Things seem to run smoother when the Mentor can set up a group of 4 students.

-Video Library: A link to a host of great IPTPA videos on various Pickleball skills has been added to the new website.

· Social and Events: Linda Shapiro and Cassandra Caton

-The Fun Tournament held on March 24 12:00PM-4PM was very successful and well-received. Ninety-six players participated.

-Music provided by a D.J. was very well received.

-Lunch service was cancelled, since only 11 players signed up and there was a minimum of 50. 

-A paddle demo was set up in the tennis courtyard during the tournament and it was utilized by many.

· Tournament and Fund Raising: Cassandra Caton and Paula Babin

-The importance of sponsorships was stressed. The goal is $5k in sponsorship funds.

-Looking for OSR to become the major sponsor this year; Doris will present the opportunity in the near future. 

-Other sponsors include: Lake Pleasant Realty, Ryno Family Chiropractic, and Zona.

-June 1st is the “go live” date on pickleballtournaments.com.

·  Strategic Planning: David

-David presented a potential rating system that uses algorithms similar to the USAPA ratings algorithm. The system will eliminate subjectivity, and is similar to golf ratings.

Date/Place of Next Meeting

July 31, 2019 at 10:00AM at the Kiva Club (room TBD).

Dates for Future Meetings

Thursday December 12, 2019 1:00-3:00PM Annual Membership Meeting


The meeting was adjourned at 4:48 PM.

3/6/2019 E-Board Meeting

Call to order 

A meeting of the Trilogy Pickleball Club E-Board was called to order at 9:00 AM and held at the Kiva Club Bonito Room on Wednesday March 6, 2019. Attendees included David Hinton, President; Merlin Dressel, Vice President; Byron Gingrich, Treasurer; Doris Hinton, Secretary; Members-at-Large: Norm Pitts, Linda Shapiro, and Cassandra Caton. 

Approval of minutes 

A motion was made and seconded to approve the meeting minutes from the 02/06/19 Pickleball Club E-Board Meeting; all voted in favor. 

Treasurer Report 

*Checking account balance as of 3/4/ 2019 was $31,844. 

*Expense for balls was $480; we are spending about $12/day on balls. The “X” balls seem to be disappearing faster than TOPPs. 

*Approximately 40 members have not paid or have not been heard from after repeated emails. About 25 people were removed from the roster since February meeting. 

* Membership is approximately +90 versus the same time last year. If this trend continues this year, the club will have almost 500 members by year end. 

Unfinished business 


Committee Reports

· Court Maintenance and Equipment: Byron Gingrich

-The new storage boxes are working out well. Byron will put a trap/bait in the larger box to deter mice. 

-Byron is researching new roller covers through the tennis club and will order a couple soon. -Nets are on order per Chris Farley. 

-Chris has also indicated that he received approval to put signage at the entrance of the courts stating that court usage is for Trilogy residents and their approved guests only. Mock ups are due soon. 

-The electrical bid received for both Bocce and Pickleball was over $130,000, which is unacceptable. David and Byron will work on seeking Pickleball-only bids for running electrical to the wall near the bike rack, and to the first post of the shade structure.  

· Website/Online Presence: Doris Hinton 

-Doris presented progress on the new website, which will use goDaddy. The website should be ready to go within 2 weeks. 

-Paul with the Kiva Club’s I.T. department agreed to install an access point in the massage room closest to the courts to see if we could get an internet signal. After this meeting, Rex began working on the possibility of installing an available range extender at the tennis hut or electrical box; we may need to purchase one that is stronger than those used for households. Chet Britton still has the webcam that the club was hoping to test some time ago; Rex and Chet will work on getting this system to work. 

-Merlin requested that TOPP be added to the list of sponsors on the website, since they donated 3 paddles at the 2018 tournament. Doris will add this to new website. 

· New Member Training: Merlin Dressel -There have been 34 players trained with a newcomer lesson since the program started. 

-Since two courts are available for lessons every other Monday, only 8 people can be trained at a time. Wayne Jones is assisting Merlin. 

-Merlin indicated that many students are requesting a second lesson. He is currently suggesting that they seek the help of a Mentor. If new requests taper off over the coming weeks, we could consider accommodating a second lesson. 

-March 18th and April 1st are the next scheduled dates. 

·  Skill Development/Clinics: Doris Hinton 

-We conducted three 1.5 hour clinics on 2/24 with Joel Meier that were well received (two for 3.0’s and one for 3.5’s). Topics were court positioning and doubles play strategy. 

-The next date secured date with Joel is 3/31; three 1.5-hour sessions will be offered (TBD). 

-David Smith, a 5.0 player/instructor from Anthem, will conduct two 1-hour clinics for 2.0 level players on 3/18 (postponed from 3/12 due to rain). He will also conduct two 1-hour clinics on Friday 3/15 for the 2.5 players who sign up. 

-Most Mentors report having worked with 8-12 players each since we started the program. Things seem to run smoother when the Mentor can set up a group of 4 students. 

-Video Library: A link to a host of great IPTPA videos on various Pickleball skills has been added to the new website. We may elect to send one link per week in a club email to generate interest. 

-Drill Sessions: Tabled until late spring when there is less demand for court time. 


· Social and Events: Linda Shapiro, with Cassandra Caton

-March 24 12:00PM-4PM is the date for the Fun Tournament/Spring Social. Three tennis courts secured. 

-An email requesting sign up for up to 96 members was sent out on 3/7. As of 3/11, 80 have signed up. 

-Cassie has secured a D.J., who will be set up from noon to 3:00PM by the courts. 

-Tickets for the lunch after the tournament will start selling for $10 at the Kiva Club Member Services desk. The cut-off for ticket sales will be 3/20 by 5:00PM.  

-A sign-up for volunteers for taping tennis courts needs to be secured. All 3 tennis courts offered to us will be taped so that two temporary Pickleball courts nearest the Bocce courts can be used to test paddles-David/Doris 

-A paddle demo will be set up in the tennis courtyard during the tournament. Cassie and Linda will work on getting paddle reps to attend (Selkirk, ONYX, Paddletek, and TOPP). 

-The Club has hats, tee-shirts, cinch bags, and medals that can be given out as prizes. 

-Glenda requested list of participants by Sunday 3/17 so she has time to create teams.


· Tournament and Fund Raising:  Norm and Cassandra 

-The importance of sponsorships was stressed. Sun Solar may be a new sponsor. Looking for OSR to become the major sponsor this year; Doris will present the opportunity in the near future.  

-We need to get “live” on pickleballtournaments.com so that players searching/planning for future tournaments see Trilogy’s. 

-Cassie to contact Pickleball Central to request 360 Durafast 40 balls and cinch bags, and whatever else. She will also approach Selkirk, and scroll through other sponsors listed on pickleballtournaments.com for other ideas. 

Strategic Planning: David, with Cassandra and Byron 

-David briefly discussed that preliminary meetings have been conducted to plan for future court expansion. He indicated that BlueStar/Shea personnel are copied on our club update emails so that they are aware of the active and growing nature of the club. 

New Business 

Schedule revision  

· The addition of the Drop-In Skill Level sessions has generated a tremendous amount of positive feedback. Some people like it better than Round Robins, because they don’t want to play 8 games.

· David presented a pilot program for “league” play, which will replace the 4.0 Ladder. This was presented to and agreed upon by 4.0 Ladder players as well as those who only play at Round Robins. This will run for the remainder of the spring. If successful, we may offer this style of play versus Ladder play to other levels if they prefer it.

· David has been working with a software company that utilizes algorithms similar to USAPA’s for generating ratings. Players would register online, and agree to play games with 3 other people. Scores will be collected and entered into the website; over time (10 weeks?) the algorithm will generate a rating based on who you played with, their ratings, score differentials, etc. This concept could replace the current rating process that the club utilizes.

Board Member Conduct and Feedback

· Norm read an excerpt of an email sent to him from a historically disgruntled club member. The member suggested, and Norm was in agreement, that David has too much “power” being club President, Ladder Manager, and 4.0 Ladder Captain. After some discussion, Merlin made a motion that David immediately step down from the Ladder Manager position, and Norm seconded. One Board member voted to abstain and the rest voted “nay”, thereby defeating the motion. Upon that vote, Norm offered his resignation. 

· Merlin had previously been advised that it is against Trilogy HOA rules to sell to club members for profit (Chartered Club Rules Section 7A) on club property or at club sponsored events. The discussion was brought up again with regard to his encouraging members taking beginner lessons to use the TOPP paddles that he sells. He is in strong disagreement with the HOA policy, and elected to step down from his Board position. 

· Based upon the procedure set out in the club bylaws, David as club president nominated Mike Koening to the Board. Mike had previously communicated to Don Paisley his interest in serving on the 2019 Board. All remaining Board members voted to elect Mike; he subsequently and eagerly agreed.

· Post meeting note: David nominated Paula Babin for a Board position and she eagerly agreed. Board members unanimously voted by email to install Paula.

Date/Place of Next Meeting

April 17, 2019 from 3:00-5:00PM in the Kiva Club Tewa Room

Dates for Future Meetings

Thursday December 12, 2019 1:00-3:00PM Annual Membership Meeting


The meeting was adjourned at 11:56 AM.


2/6/2019 E-Board Meeting

Call to order

A meeting of the Trilogy Pickleball Club E-Board was called to order at 9:03 AM and held at the Kiva Club Bonito Room on Wednesday February 6, 2019. Attendees included David Hinton, President; Merlin Dressel, Vice President; Byron Gingrich, Treasurer; Doris Hinton, Secretary; Members-at-Large: Norm Pitts, Linda Shapiro, and Cassandra Caton.

Approval of Minutes

A motion was made and seconded to approve the meeting minutes from the 01/02/19 Pickleball Club E-Board Meeting; all voted in favor

Treasurer Report

*Checking account balance at the end of January 2019 was $31,715.

*PayPal is up and running on the website; PayPal is now the payment method used by about 1/3 of new members.

* Twenty-three new members have signed up since January 1, 2019 for a total of 409. Historically, attrition is 60-70 members per year.

* To date, 344 members have paid their dues.

* The storage unit cost of approximately $1000/year will be eliminated as of January 31, 2019 due to the purchase of a new larger storage box situated next to the Pickleball courts.

* A “gentle reminder” email was sent in mid-January to those still owing dues.

Unfinished business

Committee Reports

· Court Maintenance and Equipment: Byron Gingrich

-A new short wide storage box was purchased and installed beneath the paddle rack. This is easier to access, and encourages proper storage of balls at the end of the day.

-A new larger storage box was purchased and installed across from the old storage box. This box holds nearly all of the tournament equipment and eliminates the need for an off-site storage unit.

-Trash can moved to the parking lot side of the courts to encourage disposal at the end of play.

-Replacement nets are on order through Chris Farley.

-Power washing is happening at least once per month. David will work with Michael S. to request schedule that is in line with what the Tennis Club receives.

-Doris will ask Chris F. if they will provide signage at the courts that directs guests to the Kiva Club for waiver and payment.

-Club paid approximately $1500 last year for balls. Byron will mix in some ONYX Fuse balls with the Dura 40’s to see if players like/accept them. This could save money since they are very durable. It was also agreed that the Franklin X balls would be purchased and available for club member use

-David is waiting for contractor to come back with estimate for electricity. One outlet near current box, and one outlet on each of the shade structure poles next to sidewalk. Gary will send previous bids to David for comparison.

-The Board agreed there is no need to pursue water for swamp coolers since fans are well received. Once electricity is secured, we will request water cooler secured and replenished by Shea.

· Website/Online Presence: Doris Hinton

-New prototype using GoDaddy was presented. This site would cost $9.99/month including the use of PayPal. Board members asked if credit cards could be accepted in addition to PayPal-Doris will investigate.

-Members preferred usage of club photos for main photo if suitable photos can be accessed/generated-Doris will investigate.

-Need to find solution to how members sign the waiver form-Doris

-In order to proceed with a possible future webcam, Chris Farley was contacted to see if an internet signal could be restored to the courts (lost after the Kiva Club remodel). He has assigned this project to their I.T. specialist (Paul C.) and Rex has initiated contact with Paul.

- The Board approved the expenditure of $120/month plus nominal photography charges to redo the website.

-Cassandra suggested that we acquire a code that will allow our member purchases at pickleballcentral.com to earn 5% back for TPC. Doris will investigate.

· New Member Training: Merlin Dressel

-There were 20 new members in January requesting beginner lessons. Merlin reviewed the Agenda that he uses.

-February 11 is the next scheduled class, with 5 signed up to date. Up to 2 courts will be used if more players sign up.

-Merlin feels that intro lesson sign-ups will taper in the near future, and that we should consider instituting lesson #2.

· Skill Development/Clinics: Doris Hinton

-We conducted three clinics on 1/27 that were well received (2.0, 2.5, and Women’s levels).

-The next date secured is 2/24; three 1-hour sessions will be offered (TBD).

-Need to see if Rex can add option for paying for clinics through PayPal on the website-Doris.

-We have 9 Mentors listed on the website and most have been very busy during these first couple of weeks. Doris will work with Mentors to try to schedule students in 2Mentor/2Student sessions to facilitate more relaxed learning sessions. If the plan is to work outside of traditional games, the Mentor will be encouraged to bring a timer onto the court for a 12-15 minute session.

-Video Library: In progress

-Drill Sessions: Tabled until late spring when there is less demand for court time.

· Social and Events: Linda Shapiro, with Cassandra Caton

-March 24 12:00PM-4PM is the date for the Fun Tournament/Spring Social. Three tennis courts secured.

-120 members have indicated that they are interested in playing. Glenda will prepare rotation based on 10 courts.

-Linda will research D.J. option.

-Kiva has provided potential menu options if we want food, which can only be served outside the Café Solaz or in the Tewa Room if the weather is bad. Linda has recommended pre-made wraps (roast beef/cheese; ham/cheese; turkey/cheese) along with chips and soda for $10. Doris will determine estimate of players that want food for estimate. Linda will determine cutoff date for final number.

-No bar will be offered since members can order from Café Solaz.

-A sign-up for volunteers for taping tennis courts needs to be secured-David/Doris

-Merlin wants to do a paddle demo day. The Board thought it would work well during the Social. Merlin will work on getting other paddle reps to attend (Selkirk, ONYX, etc.).

· Tournament and Fund Raising: Norm and Cassandra

-Committee met to discuss 2019 tournament, scheduled for October 11/12/13. The importance of sponsorships was stressed. Sun Solar may be a new sponsor. Looking for OSR to become the major sponsor this year. 

-Recommended approaching all businesses at the El Mirage/Vistancia Blvd intersection be approached for sponsorship.

-Consideration of using the tennis courtyard as staging area for 2019 was discussed; Jim and David to discuss.

· Strategic Planning: David, with Cassandra and Byron

-To be discussed after preliminary fact-finding.

New Business 

Schedule Revision

· The Board voted to implement the proposed schedule revision, that will start play each day one hour earlier, add a Women’s Round Robin, and add Skill Level Drop-In Sessions for the 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, and Women’s groups. The new schedule will begin Monday 2/11/19.

· Doris/David will create signage to display at the courts during Skill Level Drop-In.

Amendments to Round Robin Rule and Open Play Rules

· The Board voted to implement one rule for Open Play and three rules for Round Robins:

-During peak Open Play busy times, games will be won by one point (not two), to speed court turnover.

-Allowing two players to share a Round Robin sign-up spot.

-When there are more than 19 players, games will be restricted to 10 minutes

-Round Robins will accommodate an unlimited number of players versus the current 19. New sheets will be generated that will accommodate up to 35 players.

Amendments: Skill Level Drop-In Play

· The Board voted to implement one dedicated Skill Level Drop-In session per week for the 4.0 , 3.5, and Women’s groups to facilitate “like” skill level play. The 3.0 and 2.5 Skill Levels will now have two dedicated Skill Level Drop-In times per week, since they are the largest skill groups. The 2.0 Skill Level members may to go to one of the 2.5 Skill Level Drop-In sessions if they wish to play.

Date/Place of Next Meeting

March 6, 2019 from 9:00-11:00AM in the Kiva Club Bonito Room

Dates for Future Meetings

Thursday April 11, 2019 4:00-6:00PM General Membership Meeting

Thursday December 12, 2019 1:00-3:00PM Annual Membership Meeting


The meeting was adjourned at 11:16 AM.


1/2/2019 E-Board Meeting Minutes

Pickleball Club E-Board January 2019 meeting

Call to order
A meeting of the Trilogy Pickleball Club E-Board was held at the Kiva Club Tewa Ballroom on Wednesday January 2, 2019. Attendees included David Hinton, President; Merlin Dressel, Vice President; Byron Gingrich, Treasurer; Doris Hinton, Secretary; Members-at-Large: Norm Pitts, Linda Shapiro, Cassandra Caton.

Approval of minutes
Byron made a motion to approve the meeting minutes from the 12/19/18 Membership Meeting; the motion was seconded by Linda and all voted in favor.

Treasurer Report
*Cash on hand increased from $19,898.42 at year end 2017 to $29,842.94 at year end 2018.
*The tournament raised twice as much in sponsorships with fewer sponsors.
* Tournament expenses were higher this year due to the decision to give hats and higher quality tee-shirts to participants.
* The storage unit cost us $903.53 this year; an effort will be made to purchase on-site storage boxes to eliminate the need for a storage unit.
* The Club just signed up its 400th member.

Unfinished business
A motion was made by Merlin, seconded by Byron and all voted in favor to install the committee chairs as discussed after the 12/17/18 Membership Meeting as follows:

  • Court Maintenance and Equipment: Byron Gingrich
  • Website/Online Presence: Doris Hinton
  • New Member Training: Merlin Dressel
  • Skill Development/Clinics: Doris Hinton
  • Social and Events: Linda Shapiro, with Cassandra Caton
  • Tournament and Fund Raising: Norm and Cassandra
  • Strategic Planning: David, with Cassandra and Byron

New Business
Non Trilogy Resident Players

  • Briefly discussed that non-Trilogy residents have been observed playing on our courts and that we need to politely advise that the courts are only to be used by Trilogy residents.

Use of Club Equipment During Open Play

  • Briefly discussed that non-members are enjoying the use of balls and maintenance of the courts without paying for membership. Discussed using Onyx balls for open play. Decided that for the time being we will continue to make the Durafast 40 ball available to all.

Ladder Manager Update

  • Doris read into the record David’s Ladder Manager Update (dated 1/2/2019; attached).
  • Questions were fielded from Norm, Chris, and Merlin, and David clarified several points.

Committee Reports
Court Maintenance/Equipment

  • Byron inspected and organized the off-site storage unit, which houses mostly tournament items. Thirty days’ notice will need to be given to the owners of the storage unit if we leave. He researched storage boxes that could be used to replace the storage unit; one could be put along the wall where the existing box is. Cost would be less than $500. Brief discussion about the risk of items being stolen from the boxes versus being insured at a storage unit and it was deemed that the risk was small. A motion was made by Doris, seconded by Merlin, and all voted in favor to purchase a second storage unit to house tournament items. David will work with the HOA to make sure the new unit is acceptable.
  • A motion was made by Merlin, seconded by Linda, and all voted in favor to use club funds to replace the box that currently stores the balls/blowers/other small items.
  • David will talk to BlueStar about services to the Pickleball courts (future water service, weed control, power washing schedule, cob web removal).
  • The courts are due to be resurfaced in May/June (TBD BlueStar). David will attempt to acquire the study that a club member mentioned that suggests that a surface color change may be advisable.
  • The previous Board President looked into providing a webcam at the courts for streaming a view to the website. Technical difficulties were met; David proposed that we work with our tournament partner, Zona, to help find a solution.

Website Maintenance/Online Presence

  • Doris is working with Rex, who has agreed to work on updating the Club website.
  • Current web hosting is free through Weebly web hosting through a group deal with Mike P.
  • Fancier web hosting may cost $100+ plus $10 for the domain.

New Member Training

  • Merlin has 13 people signed up for a session on 1/7 with 2 courts.
  • The next session will be 1/28, with 3 people already signed up.
  • Reiterated that only club members will be allowed to have the beginner lesson.

Skill Development/Clinics

  • David met with Chris Farley and verified that paid outside instructors are permitted. Bluestar prefers that instructors become employees; Doris is working with Joel and Chris to set up employment arrangement so that players pay for clinics/training at the spa, and Joel gets paid by Bluestar.
  • January 27 is booked with Joel from 10-4; how his time will be split between rating and clinics that day is TBD. Shoot for reserving the Stadium Court.
  • Plan to continue with skill level training sessions throughout the spring.
  • A boot camp will be explored. Merlin suggested that Steve Wong might be willing to host an exhibition/clinic for 3-4 hours and charge approximately $20 per person. Doris will explore with Merlin.
  • Doris is gathering a list of volunteers who are willing to mentor newer players. The volunteer will agree to play with the requestor during open play (stacking paddles), and give tips/feedback to the player during and between games. About 6 people have signed up to be mentors.
  • Working on creating a video library of Pickleball skills and drills. The plan is to provide a link(s) in the Member Update emails that members can easily go to and view a technique/skill.
  • Exploring the resurrection of the drill sessions that were held last spring on Sunday mornings. The issue will be what time slot during the week is available. Doris will explore, as well as what drills to do and getting a few volunteers to lead the drill sessions.

Socials and Events

  • Targeting March 16, 2019 for the Fun Tournament/social.
  • Linda will explore food options with the Lifestyle Manager, and work with Glenda/Bryan Jackson on setting up the structure of the tournament.

Tournament and Fund Raising

  • David will send the PowerPoint Presentation that was developed for presentations to sponsors to Norm/Cassandra.
  • Norm and Cassandra will schedule a meeting with Jim Harris to get up to speed on the tournament and start planning.
  • Discussion about pricing: should we charge $65 like many other do? Discuss with Jim.
  • All agreed that there needs to be a “plan” for each volunteer so they are well utilized.

Strategic Planning

  • David will set up a meeting date for the committee to start discussing plans. Members will be David, Byron, Rex, Mike P, Merlin, Melody, and Chris.

Date/Place of Next Meeting
February 6, 2019 from 9:00-11:00AM in the Kiva Club Bonito Room

The meeting was adjourned at 3:18PM.

Click to see Ladder Management Update

12/19/18 PB Membership Meeting

Meetimgcalled to order 1:00PM

Board Members in Attendance:
Don Paisley/President, Jim Hayes/Treasurer, Doris Hinton/Secretary, Members at Large: David Allured.

Trivia Challenge-The meeting was started with a challenging pickleball rules trivia challenge.

Actions Taken Based on Survey Results-
*Fun Tournament, Phil Dunmeyer Clinic, dedicated drill times on Sundays, selecting Durafast 40 ball, nighttime pickleball, submitting for water/electricity service to courts but electing not to pursue based on high cost, purchasing portable fans, pursuing takeover of a tennis court, annual tournament, pursuit of webcam, but met with technical difficulties, Fall social with 160 players, solution to ratings issue, change to numerical designation,  and skill level tightening by David Hinton.

Top Issue Highlights-Don reviewed the effort to convince Shea to allow the takeover of one tennis court to be converted into 4 pickleball courts. The request was denied by Shea and instead they suggested an unworkable scheduling system that is more appropriately utilized for golf and tennis scheduling.

Treasurer Report
*$28,485 in club account as of 12/19/18 (up from $19,898 at beginning of year).
*382 members versus 315 last year.
*Expenses: $18,464 YTD
*Questions from Members:

1. Can our excess profit be taken by Shea? Answer: No; we are permitted to keep excess profit for future capital expenditure projects.

2. Have we appealed to Shea for capital improvements money this year? Answer: After reviewing the quotes for water/electric, it was decided that the improvements were not worth the expenditures if we did not have a firm approval for swamp coolers/misters.
3. Will 2019 dues be the same ($25)? Answer: Yes.

Tournament Report
$18,690 revenue was the most ever for this annual tournament.
*Approximately $3642 net profit (more was spent for hats/tee shirts this year).
*Players were charged $55 this year versus $40 last year, but we gave better quality tee-shirts plus a hat/visor to participants in 2018.

Business Discussed
*Don brought up a proposed revision to Ladder rules that would allow for an anomaly score to be dropped. David Hinton asked if all Board members had been heard from and approved the proposal (since he himself had not heard from all members) and Don thought that he had. Since David had not received responses from several Board members, no consensus was achieved, and the issue will be differed to the new Board.

*Discussion about whether it is allowable to have ladies play on both the Women’s Ladder plus one other Ladder. In fairness to others who are limited to one Ladder due to the growing membership, women will be limited to playing on one Ladder. Also noted that the Women’s Ladder group wishes to have a Round Robin time slot as all other Ladders do.

*Don communicated that he cancelled a skills session that had been scheduled the prior Sunday during a Round Robin time slot, previously approved by the Skill Level/Ladder Captain. There was the belief that this was not permitted by the HOA, and that this had never been done before. Comments from the floor (including Colleen) indicated that training sessions such as this has been conducted before. Subsequent discussions with the HOA and the Lifestyle Director indicated that this would be permissible; the new Board will verify this and make sure that scheduled events in the future will be communicated to the membership.

The business meeting was adjourned at 2:20PM

Election and Introduction of 2019 Officers
David Hinton, President
Merlin Dressel, Vice President,
Byron Gingrich, Treasurer
Doris Hinton, Secretary
Members At Large: Linda Shapiro, Cassandra Caton, Norm Pitts

2019 Presidents Statement
David Hinton distributed a summary of his vision and plans for the 2019 year. The summary is attached.

Open Discussion of Membership
*Bruce S: Keep in mind the rec aspect of the club.
* Steven P: When will courts get resurfaced (cracks, plus one net damaged).
*Ernie S: Leaf removal during Ladder time is a problem. Let’s work with BlueStar to get courts washed 2x/week along with tennis courts.
* Chris S: Investigate “Open Ladder” scheduling?
Jill E: Think about pushing schedule back 1 hour during late spring when it gets hot.
Donna G: Asked the Board if the vision is for the club to be recreational or competitive.
John: Consider having a “Ladies’ Night”, “Men’s Night”, and Mixed Doubles Night” that is more social versus competitive.
Meeting Adjourned at 2:40PM Meeting 

11/8/18 PB E-Board meeting

called to order 7:00PM
In Attendance:
Don Paisley/President, Ike Van Skike/Vice President, Jim Hayes/Treasurer, Doris Hinton/Secretary, Members at Large: Chuck Bruns, David Allured. David Hinton, Assistant Tournament Director and Ladder Manager.
Treasurer Report
*$25,909 in club account (up from $19,898 at beginning of year).
*358 members versus 315 last year.
*Expenses: $779 YTD for storage facility, $15,648 tournament expenses covered by tournament fees/sponsorships, $315 for socials, $1,624 other.

​Tournament Report
*Approximately $3000 net profit plus tee-shirt/hat sales at Fall Social (Doris will man a table at food area). Sponsor revenue was $4910.
*Players were charged $55 this year versus $40 last year, but we gave better quality tee-shirts plus a hat/visor to participants in 2018.
*Feedback is that sponsors need better traffic and that food not easy to access. Some volunteers frustrated that they didn’t have assignments.
*Proposed to look at situating sponsors/vendors/food in the tennis court patio area.
*261 participants (19 from Trilogy).
*Board discussed the value of hosting 2019 tournament and voted. To approve. Jim Harris will block out calendar with Shea and get tournament date scheduled.
OLD Business
*Water/electric “on hold” until 2019 comprehensive submission to include misters and/or swamp coolers.
*WIFI at courts: technical problems with ideas investigated. Continue to explore.
*November 11th Social: 151 players have signed up to play on 10 courts. The goal is 5 games/person. Jim will look at list with disparate skill levels and come up with a plan to assign/rotate players.
*Discussion surrounding disparity of skill level on the Ladders. David presented proposal for going back to Spring 2018 scores, tightening score levels required for upward/downward movement, and Club ratings process for the small number of players that would be affected. All Board members approved the proposal (see below).
*Brief discussion of implementing 2x/week nighttime play by Skill Level. Proposal to reserve 2 tennis courts 2 nights/week, to be quickly taped off using Sharpie marks. Two courts per skill level from 7:00-9:00PM. Would require a committee of taping volunteers, plus cooperation of the Tennis Club. Explore in 2019.
*Teaching new members: Requests for initial training among new members is high. Board approved the use of Mondays 11:00AM-1:00PM every other Monday to teach new members (how many courts TBD based upon sign-ups). Doris will formulate a committee of volunteers to teach new participants. Participation will be by first-come, first-served basis upon reply to a Club email blast. Jim will supply outline for instruction used in the past.
New Business
*Board approved maintaining 2019 dues level at $25.
*December 19th 1:00-3:00PM secured for the Annual Membership Meeting at the Kiva Club (Tewa Ballroom).
*By-laws provide for electronic voting for 2019 Board Officers. A membership email will request self-nominations. Voting will probably be accomplished by Survey Monkey prior to the Annual Meeting, and results will be announced at the meeting.
*Jim stressed that the new Board should work toward assigning members to committees for website, socials, training, equipment, etc. to spread out workload.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:00PM

Click to see Proposed  Ladder Rule Revisions 

Older Notes -- 9/18 to 2016

9/23/18 PB E-Board Meeting called to order 6:30PM
 In Attendance:
Don Paisley/President, Ike Van Skike/Vice President, Jim Hayes/Treasurer, Members at Large: Wayne Jones, David Allured.
Treasurer and Tournament Report
*Jim presented the treasurer’s report as well as discussed numbers related to our upcoming tournament.
Business Discussed
*Develop a schedule for Fall play. This includes all ladders, round robins, and open play. A preliminary schedule was agreed to.
*Discussed the possibility of having all people involved in ladder play be rated. Various possibilities are being evaluated.
*Jim said he was going to use Hold My Court to schedule the A ladder. This way, all ladders will use the same software.
*The Board discussed having all ladders utilize the 4 or 5 player system. This way no one needs to get a bye. Jim will discuss with the ladder captains. We also discussed having the ladder season broken up into 10-week sessions. Scores will be reset after each 10-week period.
*The Board will review the current metrics needed to enable movement between ladders. We will limit movement to the start of a new 10-week period.
*Discussed the possibility of finding a new storage facility for the club’s equipment. Don has a few leads he is looking into.
*The club will order some nets and bags to use in our tournament to replace damaged ones.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:30PM

8/5/18 PB E-Board meeting called to order 7:00PM
In Attendance:
Don Paisley/President, Ike Van Skike/Vice President, Jim Hayes/Treasurer, Doris Hinton/Secretary, Members at Large: Wayne Jones, Chuck Bruns, David Allured
Treasurer Report
*$31,728 in club account (up from $19,898 at beginning of year).
*307 members.
*Expenses: $600 YTD for storage facility. Discussion as to if we need to keep it. $3100 tournament expenses that will be covered by tournament fees/sponsorships. $550 spent for new balls.
Tournament Report
*$4000 of anticipated $5K sponsorships secured (Sun Health $3000, Zona $500, Lake Pleasant Realty $500, Cadillac pending).
*Pickleball Marketplace is confirmed vendor.
*Medalists and volunteers will receive hat/visor.
*Tee-shirts will be given to participants and volunteers.
*264 registered (246 paid), up from 242 in 2017. Twenty on wait list; 4.5 level can still take more players.
*Referee clinic early October for volunteers.
OLD Business
*Water/electric “on hold” until 2019 comprehensive submission to include misters and/or swamp coolers.
*Decided upon Durafast 40 yellow ball.
*Rule change for food drink on property: Don has drafted and will send letter from PB and Tennis clubs stating disagreement with new rule.
*Rex and Don have been working on a website bulletin board and are close to implementation.
New Business
*Purchased a fan ($160) for shade area and members would like a second one. The Board approved purchase of a second fan.
*PB courts at new Peoria Regional Park: Doris will forward to Don correspondence indicating that there will be 4 courts during phase I (breaking ground this Fall). Potential response to push for even more.
* Squirt guns and popsicles event proposed by Don for upcoming evening. Don will monitor weather and schedule event approximately 5 days in advance.
*Board agrees to send out letter to HOA regarding disagreement with new food and beverage policy.
*Appeal for new courts: Upon discussion of Don’s proposed letter to HOA/Shea, the Board approves of sending the letter. This requests either the construction of new courts, or the taping of at least one tennis court to provided a shared space that will support up to 4 PB courts.
*Fall schedule: proposal to move from a lettered A, B, C, D system to a numbered system in line with ratings (2.5, 3.0, 3,5, etc.). The biggest challenge is how to rate 100+ members. Idea proposed to hire outside raters to evaluate Trilogy members at the expense of the Club. Don to investigate.
*Heavy demand for new player instruction. Wayne will spearhead, and Don will investigate/propose which day(s) and how many courts to use during the summer months.
Don has been working on WIFI at courts to support a camera that will be accessed by the website showing current usage. Signal to the courts is feasible, but signal back is not at this point. Cellular has also been looked at. The Board approved to move ahead with a solution if it is less than $1K.
*Cleaning of dirty tables/chairs under shade structure-Don to contact BlueStar to request blowing/cleaning at new furniture.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:35PM

4/10/18 PB General Membership Meeting called to order 6:00PM
Board Members in Attendance:
Don Paisley/President, Ike Van Skike/Vice President, Jim Hayes/Treasurer, Members at Large: Wayne Jones, David Allured, Chuck Bruns.
Treasurer Report
*The Club account had $19,927 at the beginning of the year; current balance is $22,361.
*Current membership for 2018 is 284 paid members.
 Old Business
*At January Board Meeting, an action plan was put together to address items from the member survey:
-Improve court efficiency
-Live stream webcam to courts
-Reduce tension between tennis club and pickleball club
-Provide more clinics and skill sessions/educational opportunities
-Provide more social events/fun tournament/night pickleball
-Provide experienced mentors to help newcomers (still to come)
-Organize trips to tournaments to support club players
-Provide referee training for members/rules trivia contest/will be doing a course prior to our home tournament
New Business
*We want to pull electric and water to the pickleball courts.
-Quote for water is $1500 paid by club, $1500 paid by Trilogy.
-Quotes for electric service still TBD.
-Vote for water and electric will be put out to the Trilogy community in June.
*Discussed the twelve approved balls available. The speed of play is faster with Durafast 40. A motion to only buy Durafast 40 was put forth by Dave and seconded by Pam P. Voted on and passed.
*Desire for better ways to communicate and have discussions with entire club membership (such as adding to website).
*The need for identifying skill levels for ladder and round robin play was brought up, and the question is what’s the best way to address current situation (need to tighten up the skills rating to USAPA standards). This will be an ongoing discussion going forward.
*Starting June 1 through the end of September, ladders will be suspended, and Open Play will be from 6:30am-(:00am.
Melody Fischer motioned to adjourn the meeting and seconded by Lynn Beare


In Attendance:
Don Paisley/President, Ike Van Skike/Vice President, Jim Hayes/Treasurer, Doris Hinton/Secretary, Members at Large: Wayne Jones and Chuck Bruns. Trilogy Tennis Club President Tom Wright.

Treasurer report
Approximately $21,000 in club account
191 of 307 members from 2017 have renewed membership. 2017 saw an increase of approx. 67 members
Janet has sold more t-shirts recently (at approx. breakeven)

Old Business
Scheduled Events:
-Fun Tournament-March 18, 2018-reserved with Gregg. Glenda and Bryan Jackson volunteered to organize.
 ACTION: Wayne will follow up to see what they need (tables, food service, ticket sales, volunteers).
-Trilogy Pickleball Tournament-October 12-14, 2018-Jim Harris has recruited David Hinton to be Assistant Director. Need to request sign-ups for volunteers early so that more members help.
ACTION: Tabled until next meeting. Start by asking Jim/David to develop spreadsheet of volunteer needs by time slot.
Water and Electric-TVCIC is working on a project to provide electricity to the bocce and pickleball courts. Requesting one receptacle near rear support of shade (for future swamp cooler, music) and one near bike area for tournament power. Funding is TBD, and Gary Lawson has the drawings. It has been determined that a future request for potable water can be used for misters/swamp coolers but not drinking fountain (requires a drain). Discussed that we investigate a bottled water filler like the one at tennis courts (Shea is responsible for changing out the bottles).
ACTION: Don will work on obtaining bottled water filler and service via Shea once electric service is available.

New Business
New Clock-Clock not keeping time despite many efforts to fix it.
ACTION: Doris will purchase new clock along with a new wind sock
Club survey results-100 readable responses:

  • 6% of members play daily
  • 75% play 3-5x/week
  • 16% play 1x/week
  • 2-3% play infrequently
  • 80% involved in organized play
  • Times too busy to enjoy: Most mornings (67% said Saturday morning is worst.)
  • Goals in order of importance: 

  1.  Maximize court usage
  2.  Pursue more courts
  3.  Offer more clinics
  4.  Have more social events
  5.  Offer mentors
  6.  Organize trips to events
  7.  Conduct referee training

Goals for addressing survey needs-Many ideas were discussed and evaluated; the following were chosen to pursue:

  • Since large numbers of players are attending Skill Level Open Play/Round Robins, we will investigate using pre-registering for Round Robins to reduce player congestion and wait times. Utilize software for signing up in advance (through TrackitHub). Discussed viability of 2, two-hour sessions, one for upper half and one for lower half of the players at a skill level. Methods of assessing where players belong in the skill level were discussed but not resolved; further discussion needed.

ACTION: Jim will investigate using TrackitHub for Round Robin sign up.

  • Maximize time utilization of Ladders by scheduling 5 players/court with games to 11 points. Each player would play four games to 11 points.

ACTION: Jim to advise Ladder Captains on how to implement this scheduling.

  • Explore using online bulletin board to note availability of courts, and the number of courts being used by ladders to make sure any available courts are used.

ACTION: Don to handle.

  • Set up a WIFI hotspot at courts (when electricity becomes available) so that a webcam can be placed. Provide a link to webcam on Club website. Webcam would allow members to see activity at courts and maximize court usage.

ACTION: Don will research cost/mechanics of WIFI hotspots and work with Rex to implement.

  • Long term goal of talking to Shea about flex usage of tennis courts. Tom Wright graciously advised on what ideas might be less feasible than others.

ACTION: Tabled until next meeting.

  • To increase member knowledge of specific skills/strategies, consider placing links to useful YouTube videos on Club website.

ACTION: Jim will investigate Pickleball Channel link; Doris will collect/compile list of informative links. Don will develop schedule to email links and work with Rex to post library.

  • Develop drills demo session(s) followed by a “Skills Olympics”.

ACTION: Don will pull together the drills and work with Ike to develop/schedule the program.

  • Plan a “Picklevol” social using sand volleyball courts. Concession stand may not be open so food/beverage TBD.

ACTION: Don will secure sand volleyball courts near his softball field.

  • Set up a mid-winter night evening pickleball social on the stadium tennis court (with hot chocolate, etc.).

ACTION: Don has secured January 30th and will send out invite. Need to plan hot chocolate, toasted marshmallows.

  • Pair experienced players with novices to play along with, or watch/critique. Bryan Jackson, Brad Pape, Jim Harris, and others have shown interest in doing this.

ACTION: No action discussed, but Doris will work with Bryan to develop a plan for recruiting other mentors, and how to implement.

  • Offer membership the opportunity to attend local tournaments as a social event. Carpool from Kiva Club to watch tournament and perhaps and perhaps stop at restaurant for lunch or dinner.
  • Don will identify nearby tournaments and send invitation to membership.

Website Updates-Need to update home page, new officers, and contact info.
ACTION: Don will work with Rex to make changes.
Repair ball holders-Balls fall out of some holders. Requires easy fix with washers.
ACTION: Wayne will fix holders.
Balls-Discussed which type of ball to use and when/how to replace. 90% of membership likes the current ball so we will continue using it, but replace when they soften.
ACTION: Jim will work on how the balls are currently supplied and manage replacement.
Washing the courts-Tennis has an outside vendor wash their courts every 2 weeks, through Shea.
ACTION: Don to request cleaning of pickleball courts at same time.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:15pm

Pickleball Club  Meeting Minutes

12/05/2017 Annual Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 2:05pm by President Gary Lawson. 

Members were checked in and received a ballot.

Executive Board attendance –
Gary Lawson – President ,  Janet O’Meara – VP,  Colleen Lawson –Secretary,  Jim Hayes – Treasurer,  Wayne Jones and Bruce Strand - members at large,    Patty Hartmann – was unable to attend.
The nominees for the 2018 Pickleball Executive Board were introduced

  • President – Don Paisley
  • VP – Ike Van Skike (not present)
  • Treasurer – Jim Hayes
  • Secretary  - Doris Hinton
  • Members at large (3 positions)

  1. Dave Allured (not present)
  2. Chuck Bruns
  3. Merlin Dressel
  4. Wayne Jones

The election committee  ( Les Kessler - Chairman, Bob Sosa, & Peggy McQuillen)  will count the ballots and announce the results under new business.  

2017 Recap–  2017 was a really busy year!   

  • One the first priorities was to change to a new program for sending emails to the membership.  There were lots of problems with the old program, so this is a big improvement for communicating with the members.    Gary thanked Mike Pagliarulo for sharing this program.  Gary also thanked Rex McDowell for all his work on the website, the additions, the updates, keeping everything current, adding photos.  There are just a lot of hours put in behind the scenes that nobody sees.
  • In February 32 members attended the first Trilogy clinic with Mark Friedenberg and Gigi LeMaster
  • Also in February the new ladder management rules were adopted, the D ladder was added, & the rating committee was established
  • In March we had the PB Rodeo Social and BBQ with live music by the Part Timers Band
  • In April we had the April Fools’ Fun Tournament put on by Bryan and Glenda Jackson – with 72 players participating
  • On April 7th ,8th  and 9th Volunteers from our club put on the first Wickenberg Ranch Pickleball Tournament
  • In August the members voted to adopt changes to update the Standing Rules and Procedures and the Club Bylaws. 
  • Another issue that was addressed was the ladder management software. The ladder software we were using is no longer being supported so all scores and data for nearly 200 active and inactive players on the B,C,D and Women’s ladders were manually entered by the secretary on a new ladder management program- HoldmyCourt.  -  The A ladder is currently using TrackitHub and is being managed by Jim Hayes
  • The 4th Annual Trilogy Pickleball Tournament was Oct 13, 14, and 15
  • On November 3rd we had The Tailgate Social and BBQ with D the DJ and all time high ticket sales of 110
  • The Shade Project-   We thought this would be done early last Spring.  When we finally got approval for the design, we thought the construction phase would be easy.  It was also a challenge, but after a few engineering changes and several contractor delays – we have shade.  There were some last minute revisions to the plan and we were able to get rid of the planters in front of courts 2 & 3 and add an additional 225 square feet of pavers.  The total cost of the project was $20,466. 

            Everybody should be proud of the fact that the Pickleball Club funded the entire project.
Future improvements may include pavers under the benches in the gravel areas as part of a project that the TVCIC and the Landscaping Committee are working on.  The task force is in the process of obtaining bids and developing a detailed Project Plan which will be made available for review.
The TVCIC is also working on a project to provide electricity to the pickleball courts and bocce area. The funding for this is to be determined, with at least some of the funding coming from the clubs.  If TVCIC funding participation is required, a community vote will be solicited.​
Treasurer’s Report –  Jim Hayes read the report.PictureTournament Director’s Report – Jim Harris –Tournament Director and Past  President – Reported on the Wickenberg Ranch Tournament, and the 2017 Trilogy tournament.   Jim named David Hinton as co-director for the 2018 Trilogy Tournament.

New Business –

  • There was a request to bring up a schedule change that would involve rotating the Sunday time slot that is currently for the A skill level drop-in play.  This was deferred until after the holidays when the new board has had a chance to consider any changes to the schedule.
  • Gary thanked the board (especially the secretary) for keeping him on track and thanked all the members and all the volunteers ( too many to name)          who help make this a fun, successful club.
  • A question was asked regarding any plans for new courts –  Gary answered that Shea has said that there isn’t any suitable location for new courts and that the areas next to the existing courts would not work because of the drainage.  Rex McDowell has contacted the city planner and the contractor who engineered the drainage area.  Their initial response has been that it would be possible to revise the drainage and add courts.  Nothing has been discussed with Shea, this is just an idea at this point and the cost is unknown.     A spirited discussion involving courts followed with comments by Mike Martinez, Manley Perkel, Don Paisley, Jim Harris and others
  • The election committee chairman read the election results.  – President – Don Paisley, Vice President – Ike Van Skike, Treasurer – Jim Hayes, Secretary- Doris Hinton, Members at large – Wayne Jones, Chuck Bruns, David Allured     The new officers were invited to the podium and congratulated.   Gary thanked Les, Peggy and Bob
  • Janet brought samples and took shirt/hat orders 

  Meeting was adjourned at 3:25pm ​11/6/17 PB Club E-board meeting called to order at 2 PM

In Attendance:
Gary Lawson/President, Janet O’Meara/VP President, Jim Hayes/Treasurer, Colleen Lawson/Secretary, Members at Large; Wayne Jones, and Bruce Strand. Past President and Tournament Director Jim Harris

RR vs Skill level drop-in - Based on membership feedback the club will modify “RR play by Skill-set” to “Drop-in Play by Skill Set.” The scheduled play times will remain the same. This change will allow more players to play during the scheduled play by skill set.  Laminated guidelines will be placed in the bin at the courts. Laminated guidelines should be hung above the trough during “Drop-in Play by Skill Set.” This change will be in the same spirit of the round robin, rotate players, don’t play with the same person twice, don’t stack paddles.  However, players are not obligated to play for 2 hours as required by RR and more than 19 players can play.
Track it Hub – continue use and evaluation.
Nominations – another email eblast with position description as currently posted on the bulletin board.
Tournament results
$9775 Registration
$2,939 Sponsors & raffle
$12,714 Revenue
$5,408 Expenses
$7,306 Net
This was the 4th tournament, 330 participants, 300 matches, attended by 7 states.
Jim Harris will continue as Tournament Director for October 12, 13, and 14th 2018.  He is looking for a co-chair.
Treasurer report and budget discussion
$4,400 dues to date 2017
$585 equipment
$2,400 Socials
$22,000 Shade enhancement project cost
$20,000 possible court conversion
T-shirt orders – 30 shirts sold, 3 hats, and 1 visor. Janet plans to take orders at a future Happy Hour giving snowbirds an opportunity to purchase PB Club t-shirts.
Women’s Club Charity Donation – it was discussed to use the Shea gift cards of $250 from e-board members attending Mita Open House.  Majority vote/4 board members approved $300 charity donation.
Board discussed possible actions for tennis court usage.
Shea is filming PB courts 11/15 (Wednesday) from 10:45 to 11:30.

​Meeting adjourned 3:30 PM​Minutes from Pickleball General Meeting 8/30/17

Gary Lawson, PB Club President, called the meeting to order at 6 PM.
He introduced board members; Janet O’Meara – VP, Colleen Lawson – Secretary, Patty Hartmann – board member, Wayne Jones – board member
Jim Harris –Tournament Director and Past President.  Jim Hayes - Treasurer and Bruce Strand – board member unable to attend.

2017 Recap

  • Pickleball Social and BBQ was held in March
  • April Fools’ Fun Tournament by Bryan and Glenda Jackson– 72 players participated
  • 32 members attended our first Trilogy clinic with Mark Friedenberg and Gigi LeMaster in February
  • Adopted the new ladder rules & added the D ladder
  • Volunteers from our club put on the Wickenberg Ranch Tournament in April

Shade Sail Update-
We have approval from Shea for phase one of the shade project – which includes the shade sail, adding pavers – extending the current pavers by 5 feet on both sides, and tables and benches.  We are currently waiting for the drawing from engineering and the permit process with the City of Peoria.  The target date for completion is October 1st.
As many of you know the club has been trying to get a shade structure for more than 2 years.  Last year the Pickleball Facilities Enhancement Committee was formed and one of our members, David Reid who is an architect drew up plans that were approved by Shea but later rejected.  
When the TVCIC (Trilogy at Vistancia Capital Improvements Committee) was formed we submitted a proposal for a shade structure and they accepted our project.  Originally, we were asking for half of the project to be paid from the Capital Improvements funds and hoping to have our ballot go out with the Bocce Club’s project for community approval.  In May, the PB membership approved (168 to 2) spending up to $25,000 from the club’s funds toward the shade project. Our pergola design using an aluminum product was rejected by Shea so we missed the deadline for the ballot.  Since that time, we were able to get a shade sail design approved by Shea.  The new design for the shade structure and pavers is approximately $10,750 cheaper than the original shade design.  We separated the project into 2 phases, we were able to keep the TVCIC involved and shorten the time frame for phase one by paying for all of it with the club’s funds and not requiring community approval. The Community Association (Jennifer Thomasson) is handling the contracts and the TVCIC is managing the construction.  The second part of the project will include the addition of power and water. 

  • Total cost $17,885.02 for phase one -  The project plan is on our website - $2500 engineering – $8,850 shade sail - $1600 pavers - $3900 tables and benches - $1000 contingency (which might not be used)
  • Cost for original shade structure, pavers, tables and benches - $27,600 vs $16,885 (both without contingencies)

Treasurer’s Report –

  •  “See Below”      

Standing Rules / Bylaws –
Our club is governed by 3 separate documents: The Chartered Club Rules (or CC&R’s), the Club Bylaws, and the Standing Rules and Procedures in that order. Over the years the Chartered Club Rules, the Bylaws, and the Standing Rules and Procedures have been formed and revised at different times resulting in conflicting documents.  For example, our Bylaws state that the term of office can be one or two years and the CC&R’s specify it as one year.  The Rules and Procedures were adopted from Sun City Grand and reference rules that are specific to SCG.   The board reviewed the documents, and has proposed changes to the Rules & Procedures and the Bylaws that were posted on the club website and an eblast was sent out asking for comments.  The only requests I received were a request to change language in the Standing Rules from – Members should accompany household guests “on” the court – to: members should accompany household guests “to” the court.  Also, a request to add language regarding pickleball, tennis, and bocce clubs sharing responsibility for monthly inspection of the AED.

  • Motion to accept the proposal to change the Standing Rules & Procedures and Bylaws was made and seconded.  Vote by membership was unanimous to accept the proposed changes,

 * The amendments to the Bylaws will need to be approved by Shea.

Tournament Reports – Jim Harris

  • Trilogy 2017 – Tournament is USAPA sanctioned and will be held Oct. 13, 14, & 15
  • Registration closes Sept 22nd
  • We always need volunteers, so please let Jim know if you are interested

New Business –

  • 2018 Dues – Board recommendation is to keep dues at the current $25 year – Discussion – Motion – seconded -and vote by membership was made to accept the Board’s recommendation.
  • T shirts – Patty brought sample T-shirts and announced T-shirts could be ordered/purchased at an upcoming Happy Hour.  An eblast will be sent with a specific date.
  • Tailgate social – November 3rd -  Nancy Duke & Doris Hinton – were introduced as Co-chairs for the social – Wear your team’s jersey or colors
  • Schedule – The plan is to have scheduled play (Ladders & RR) begin again with the same schedule as last year on October 1st at 9 am.
  • Happy Trails – I will send out an email for anyone interested in playing at Happy Trails in October.  You need to send me your name and I will put it on the list.
  • Questions? The question was asked will players on the ladder start where they left off with their percentages and accumulated scores? Gary replied the USAPA software that we have been using is no longer supported. Therefore, Rex, Mike, Jim Hayes and I have been continuing to work on Track it Hub.  We will have to make a switch to TIH or we could switch to Hold my Court.  So, ladder players and percentages will not carry over. The question was asked regarding percentages for ladder movement. Players qualify to move to the next ladder if they have a standings percentage of 83 percent or more for the 10-week average.  A player moves to the next lower ladder if they have a standings percentage below 60 percent for the 10-week average. Note: the percentages were incorrectly reported as 85 and 65
  • Additional courts–  A question was asked regarding additional courts.  Gary responded:  In March of 2016 the Pickleball Club sent a written request to Shea regarding additional pickleball courts.  The proposal was asking for an additional tennis court to be built at the Mita Club and conversion of one of the courts at the Kiva Club.  The response from Shea stated that there was no money for additional courts and that “Shea will not be able to add additional pickleball courts to the community, unless the Tennis Club was willing to give up a court in the existing tennis facility for the Pickle Ball Club to utilize.”
  • In March of this year I attended a meeting that was arranged by one of our pickleball members, Dennis Cloutier.  The meeting included Bob Williams – who is now retired, but was on the Shea Board of Directors, Michael Santonino – Director of Resort Operations, Don Beardsworth – Tennis Club President, Dennis, and myself.  In the meeting, we discussed the need for more pickleball courts.  Bob said Shea would still not force the Tennis Club to give up any courts, but he suggested that the members of the Tennis Club vote to allow pickleball to share a court – painting lines and using temporary nets for pickleball.  He also pointed out that soon Shea will be gone and the decision will be up to the community.  The Tennis club’s vote was held and was 23 for sharing a court and 86 against.   
  • In a recent email from Michael Santonino dated August 3rd, he stated: 

“Shea has said more than once that there is no land to add anymore pickleball courts” “The only option is one of the tennis courts.”

Most of us have friends who play tennis and some are very passionate about tennis and keeping the courts the way they are.  It’s unfortunate that Shea has taken this position and that tennis is unwilling to agree to share a court for at least some use by pickleball.  I’m not advocating that all the members of the pickleball club join the tennis club in order to have a vote, that’s up to you.

  • Next meeting - December 7th General Meeting
  •       Motion to Adjourn 6:45pm – 40 Members in attendance

6/13/17 PB Club E-board meeting called to order at 1:07 PM

In Attendance:
Gary Lawson/President, Janet O’Meara/VP President, Jim Hayes/Treasurer, Colleen Lawson/Secretary, Members at Large; Patty Hartmann and Wayne Jones, Past President and Tournament Director Jim Harris

New Business
TVCIC proposal for PB Pergola was not approved by Shea.  Shea suggested a design (steel beam structures) which is considerably more expensive than the 50k proposal presented by the TVCIC committee.  The PB Board discussed whether the  more expensive shade structure was a reasonable request of the TVCIC funds. Even with the PB Club paying up to $25,000 of the project, the more expensive shade structure does not seem a reasonable request of the TVCIC funds.   After reviewing the rapidly growing membership numbers the board determined that the PB clubs most important need is more courts.  Another proposal for additional courts was unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s report
Current Bank Account:
Balance Jan. 1, 2017:                    $31,369.27
Net Addition through the year:  $10,906.02
Expenses:                                            $9,940.17
6/13/17                                            $32,335.12

Member Roster
Members for 2016                                    241
Current Paid Members for 2017           295

Standing Rules and Operating Procedures edit draft unanimously approved by board.   Draft version aligns with Shea’s Charter and PB’s Bylaws.

Purchase of 2 temporary nets for tournament
Approved by board. - $316.38

Next PB General Meetings in August and December.

TrackitHub update – try temporary ladder either Monday or Wednesday AM, set-up meeting with Travis.

Update “Waiver” & “Membership” website link.

Current summer Round Robin attendance is 1 to 3 courts.
Modify summer schedule - 4th court “Open Play” daily.

Order pickleball shirts

​Meeting adjourned 2:30 PM

4/11/17 PB Club E-board Meeting called to order at 10:03 AM
In Attendance:
Gary Lawson/President, Janet O’Meara/VP President, Jim Hayes/Treasurer, Colleen Lawson/Secretary, Members at Large; Patty Hartmann, Bruce Strand.
Past President and Tournament Director/Jim Harris.
Treasurer report-
Waiting for a few final receipts from the Wickenburg Trilogy Tournament. 
Unfinished Business
 E-board – discussed, motioned, seconded and unanimously approved the following:

  1. Update ladder rules changing upward ladder movement from 85% to 83% after a 10-week period.
  2. Keep downward ladder movement at less than 60%.  However, instead of downward movement after a 5-week period change to a 10-week period. Jim Hayes is editing Ladder Rules for board review.
  3. Summer Schedule effective 6/5/17 through 9/30/17.  Round Robin for A, B, C, and D from 7 AM to 9 AM.
  4. The last Beginner Lesson for the season will be on Wednesday May 3rd 2 to 4 PM.

  • Monday Open Play
  • Tuesday C-Round Robin 7 to 9 AM
  • Wednesday Open Play
  • Thursday D-Round Robin 7 to 9 AM
  • Friday B-Round Robin  7 to 9 AM
  • Saturday Open Play
  • Sunday A-Round Robin 7 to 9 AM

Round Robins offer more flexibility with our members travel schedules but still offer organized play at a specific day and time.  The format also gives each player 8 games vs 3 games in ladder play.
 Jim Hayes and Jim Harris are formalizing the rating committee rules.
Next meeting –
Review Standing Rules and Procedures.
Track-it-hub and 5-person ladder play. 
Meeting adjourned 11:30 AM

Meeting called to order at 4:03 PM 2/23/17

In Attendance:
Gary Lawson/President, Janet O’Meara/VP President, Jim Hayes/Treasurer, Colleen Lawson/Secretary, Members at Large; Patty Hartmann, Wayne Jones, Bruce Strand.
Past President and Tournament Director/Jim Harris.

Unfinished Business-
Letter from Matt O’Donnell – discussion - draft response for Board review
Treasurer report-
Current Bank Account:
Balance Jan. 1, 2017         $31,369.27
Net Additions                        $6,185.72
Expenses                                    $399.31
2/23/17                                $37,155.68

Outstanding Invoices:       None

Trilogy Tournament Revenue     $0.00
Tournament Expenses                  $0.00
Net Gain from Tournament        $0.00
# of People who played in our tournament

Wickenburg Tourn. Rev.               $6,923.07
Wickenburg Tourn. Exp.                        $0.00

Money in PayPal Acct                      $884.56
Money due on PB Tourn. Exp.    $1,580.00

243 people have registered for Wickenburg tournament
364 Players over 3-day tournament

2016 Members 241
2017 Members 271

Jim Harris and Jim Hayes plan to provide an inventory list of tournament equipment in the storage facility. Also, change names listed (keys) for PB storage to Jim Harris, Len Stricker, Gary Lawson. Complete inventory before next E-board meeting.

Committee Reports –

  1. Fun Tournament April 1st ~ Bryan & Glenda Jackson 1 PM, serve food at 4 or 5 PM

Janet is following-up with Glenda. Is it possible to increase the number of participants from 48 to ???? Can we get tennis courts for additional players? If so, we would need to tape the courts the morning of 4/1/17.

  1. Pickleball Social March 19th from 3 to 7 PM.  Band is not charging a fee. Gregg Snyder said the club would be charged for the set-up and take-down of 5-tables and chairs. Tickets $5 per person. Serve food from 4 to 5 PM. Beverage service scheduled to serve for what time period? Band plays from 5 to 7 PM.

Unfinished Business –

  1. Track-it-Hub on-hold
  2. E-board – it was motioned, seconded and carried/approved:

I)  Adopt new ladder rules (player movement from ladder to ladder based on percentage).  Jim Hayes is finalizing New Ladder Rules.
II)  Add a D-Ladder
III)  Limit player participation to one Ladder, either A, B, C, or D.
IV)  Change Round Robins to A, B, C, and D (eliminate Men’s, Women’s, and Mixed RR).
V)  Changes effective March 13th.
VI)  A Rating Committee will be created should member(s) elect to be Rated.

Next meeting –
Review standing Rules and Procedures.
New Business – TVCIC – PB Enhancement projects

Meeting adjourned 6:15 PM

​Meeting called to order at 4 PM on 1/3/17.

In Attendance:
Gary Lawson/President, Janet O’Meara/VP President, Jim Hayes/Treasurer, Colleen Lawson/Secretary, Members at Large; Patty Hartmann, Wayne Jones, Bruce Strand.
Past President and Tournament Director/Jim Harris.

Unfinished Business-
Letter from Matt O’Donnell – discussion - draft response for Board review

Treasurer report-
Revenue: $19,296
Expenses: $9,453

Tournament: $9,382
Expenses:      $5,012

2016 Members 242
2017 Members 157

Jim is updating: Waiver, App, Welcome letter.

Storage facility for tournament equipment. Requested that Jim and Len provide an inventory list. Change names listed (keys) for PB storage to Jim Harris, Len Stricker, Gary Lawson.

Committee Reports – 

  1. Social Committee Chair Holly Kimbrel looking at possible dates for PB Ball.  Janet and Patty volunteered to assist.
  2. Bryan & Glenda Jackson looking at possible dates for Fun Tournament.
  3. Enhancement Committee – Gary set-up meeting with Michael Santonino on Friday (1/6). Status update of Shade Design Draft.

New Business –
1. CCRs, Bylaws, Rules & Procedures  -  Colleen will draft update of Rules & Procedures.

2. PB Web administrator - send E-blast requesting volunteers

3. Ladder Rules – discussed player movement from ladder to ladder based on percentage

4. Track-it-Hub – Endorsed by USAPA Mike Pagliarulo is currently testing the software

5. AED monthly maintenance – Wayne volunteered, ask Steven set-up AED training class?

6. Monthly Pickleball lessons for new players – Wayne volunteered to manage & organize instructors (1st Wednesday of each month).  NOTE: 42 people attended PB lessons for new players 1/4/17

7. Effective 1/17/17 Novice Round Robin is moving - Tuesday 11 to 1 PM.  Janet volunteered to be onsite each Tuesday.

8. Ladders - discussed better ways to manage court play when more than 4 courts are needed for ladder play.  Change to: 9 AM first wave (courts 1-4), 10 AM second wave (courts 5-8), 11 AM third wave (9-12).  Jim Hayes will email ladder captains.

9. New PB shirts and design discussed. Will look at sample shirts Desert Sun Embroidery.

Meeting adjourned 6 PM
​​6/29/16 Meeting called to order at 6 PM.

In Attendance:
Jim Harris/President, Len Stricker/VP President, Jim Hayes/Treasurer, Colleen Lawson/Secretary, Members at Large; Vicki Stricker, Steven Parker, Les Kessler.

Old Business:
In follow-up to April 5th Board Meeting Jim and Len have selected outdoor furniture (2 tables, 2 umbrellas, 8 chairs) for the Pickleball area and waiting final approval from HOA.

New Business:
Tournament dates are Oct. 14,15,16, 2016
Set-up complete by 7 AM, Registration begins at 7:30 AM. Tournament starts 8 AM
Jim Harris will email announcement to Pickleball membership. Registration begins July 1st. 
The tournament is a USAPA sanctioned tournament, Tier 3 (we were Tier 4).

Trilogy Pickleball Tournament Chairpersons:
1)Gift Bag and goodies – Jim & Len: Wristbands (change color from black to yellow?).  Coordinate with Michael Santonino re: water bottles, golf towels, bags , etc.
2)Energy Bars – Steven Parker checking with new health/vitamin shop possible “Energy Bar” contribution, etc.
3)Sponsors – Steven Parker and Mike Martinez
4)Portable Executive Bathroom, Raffle tickets, PA System – Jim & Len coordinate with Michael Santonino
5)Parking – Jim Harris is checking with Stu Bernstein
6)Tournament Registration Program – Sue. Jim Harris has contacted Sue and she will be at the tournament.
7)Tournament Registration – Colleen Lawson
8)Referee/Scores Table – Gigi
9)T-shirts – Steve Liebman – T-shirts might be one of the gift bag items. 
10)1st Aid – Wayne Jones, Mary Laufbaum, and Brian Wilson.
11)Trilogy Players – US Anthem (Jim Harris will contact)
12)Refreshments – Patsy (?)
13)Taping Committee – Steven, Les, ?
14)Vendors – Pickleball Bling (Ken & Shannon), Paddletek, Selkirk?

Steven Parker is making a Trilogy Pickleball Tournament poster.  
Les will post on the Bulletin Board.

Jim Harris announced there will be a quarterly Executive Board Meeting.

Next “General Pickleball Meeting” November 30th, 2016 (Wednesday).  

Meeting adjourned at 7 PM8-30-2016 ​Meeting called to order at 6 PM.

In Attendance:
Jim Harris/President, Len Stricker/VP President, Jim Hayes/Treasurer, Colleen Lawson/Secretary, Members at Large; Vicki Stricker, Steven Parker.  Absent: Les Kessler, Merlin Dressel

Old Business:
The HOA has recommended furniture purchased by the Pickleball Club be heavy enough to withstand high winds. Similar to the outdoor furniture on the Kiva patio. Mike Martinez is looking at potential purchases on sale this Labor Day weekend.

1st Day Women, 2nd Day Men, 3rd Day Mixed
Tournament dollars paid $6,200.

Registration #’s:

3.0 – 21 participants
3.5 – 48 participants
4.0 – 28 participants

3.0 – 29 participants
3.5 – 27 participants
4.0 – 28 participants

3.0 – 29 participants
3.5 – 28 participants
4.0 – 18 participants

Trilogy Pickleball Tournament Checklist:

  1.      Gift Bag and goodies – Jim & Len: Michael Santonino – wristbands, golf towels, water bottles, bags. 

Steven will confirm/order Pickleball Keychain from Pickleball Bling, energy bars from either Safeway (request $25 coupon) or One Stop Nutrition and fruit package.

  1.  Sponsors – BJ Katz, Liberty Buick (Steven Parker)
  2.  Portable Executive Bathroom, Raffle tickets, PA System – Jim & Len coordinate with Michael Santonino

4) Raffle Tickets- Janet O’Meara was suggested, Jim Hayes will confirm 9/2

  1.  Parking – Stu Bernstein

6) Tournament Registration Program - Jim Harris confirmed Melissa will be at the tournament.

  1.  Tournament Registration – Colleen Lawson (2 additional volunteers each day)
  2.   Referee/Scores Table – Vicki
  3.   1st Aid –Brian Wilson, Wayne Jones, Mary Laufbaum.
  4.  Trilogy Players – US Anthem
  5.  Refreshments – Pam Paisley (Jim Harris’ neighbors 400 cookies), Einstein Bagels, Pretzels, Bananas, Oranges, 5-Gallon Water Jugs (Len).
  6.  Taping Committee – Steven, Les, Jim Harris, Len, Jim Hayes, Dan, Merlin, and Gary Lawson

*Tape Day 10/13 (confirm w/Santonino that the stadium court can be used),
*Court Cleaning 10/12. 

  1.  Vendors – Steven is confirming - Pickleball Bling (Ken & Shannon), Paddletek, Selkirk (Dee Davis), Pickleball Power, ZZT.

14) Referee Clinic Sept 28th 10 AM
15) Referee’s needed, Jim is checking Registration volunteers
16) Jim Hayes is ordering 2 nets (set) from USAPA
17) 5 Pop-ups Bruce L and Norm Davis
18) Court # Signs – Len
19) Ice from Golf Course?
20) Medals from Crown Trophy Shop

New Business:

Next “General Pickleball Meeting” December 1, 2016 (Thursday) 6 PM.

Jim Hayes is checking into renting a climate controlled storage unit for tournament gear which is currently stored in multiple members garages.

Fall Social – Jim Harris is contacting Holly Kimbrel.

Wickenburg Ranch Pickleball Tournament April 14, 15, 16. No age limit.

Steven announced the Pickleball website has been revamped and control of the PB website now belongs to the club.

Jim Harris requested that all Tournament winners be posted on the PB website and included in the Trilogy Vistancia weekly newsletter.

Round Robins begin Nov 1st

Meeting adjourned at 8 PM

2016 Annual meeting minutes
The meeting was called to order by Jim Harris at 6:10 PM in the Tewa Kiva Room.

Jim recognized the election committee, Mike Pagliarulo, Don Johnson, and Don Paisley. They counted ballots for Trilogy PB Officers and Board Members. 2017 Elected Officers are Gary Lawson, President; Janet O’Meara, Vice President; Jim Hayes, Treasurer; Colleen Lawson, Secretary; Members at Large, Patty Hartmann, Wayne Jones, Bruce Strand.

Treasurer’s report – Les Kessler (Jim Hayes gone for the holiday):
In accordance with TAVCA (Trilogy at Vistancia Community Association) Charter Club Rules the Club President (Jim Harris) established an audit committee consisting of Don Johnson and Mike Pagliarulo.  They audited and approved the clubs financials.

The Pickleball Club received a letter from the HOA addressing Pickleball Club funds. The letter stated no unused funds would be transferred.

2016 Financial Report:
1/1/16 Balance:                              $21,525.82
Gross Income:         $13,133.65
Expenses:                  $8,563.09
Net Additions to Income:            $4,570.56
Cash @ 10/31/16:                         $26,096.38
No pending expenses

Tourney Revenue:  $9,406.61
Tourney Expenses: $4,902.08
Net Tourney:           $4,504.53
Tourney Participants 220

Dues covered PB Club expenses. Dues for 2017 of $25 have been approved by the Board.

224 - Members 2015
241 - Paid Members 2016
17    - Paid Members 2017

Acknowledgements & recap of 2016 events – Jim Harris
Recognized and thanked:
Fun Tournament hosted by Glenda & Bryan Jackson.
Holly Kimbrel - Social Committee Chair Pickleball Ball.
2016 Board Members: Len Stricker, Jim Hayes, Colleen Lawson, Merlin Dressel, Vicki Stricker, Steven Parker, Les Kessler.
Ladder Manager Jim Hayes, Ladder Captains Bob Sosa, Matt O’Donnell, Colleen Lawson

Merlin Dressel recognized both Jim Harris and Len Stricker for their leadership and contribution to the Pickleball Club and presented each a gift card.

Jim Harris introduced Committee Chairs:

  • Colleen Lawson Chair of Facility Enhancement Committee.  Colleen introduced committee members David Reid, Sandy Goodwin, Chuck Bruns, Janet O’Meara. A special thank you to David Reid for the Design/Drawing presented to HOA.   
  • Holly Kimbrel Chair Social Committee has ideas for 2017 events.

Pickleball Clinic – If there is enough interest in a clinic for 3.0 or higher skill level the Executive Board will research costs and availability. Watch for an E-blast with more specific information.

Ladder Rules – Matt O’Donnell
Proposed changes to Ladder Rules. Discussion followed. Motion made, seconded and passed to table changes to Ladder Rules.

2017 Events – Jim Harris
USAPA Tournament date for 2017 is October 13, 14, and 15. Registration opens July 1, 2017.  Recommends registrering immediately as the tournament fills quickly.

New Business – Jim Harris
Mike Pagliarulo asked to revisit purchase of a ball machine.  Jim Harris feels since we only have 4 PB courts we should wait on the purchase of a ball machine. Bryan Jackson said that his experience is a ball machine is used for a couple months and then use/interest stops.

Meeting adjourned approximately 7:45 PM