Open Play

Open Play Guidelines



When players are waiting to play and courts are full…

  • Four players will play a game to eleven points and then vacate the court they just played on.
  • If four or more new players are waiting, all players will relinquish the court for four new players and continue the process.
  • If there are only two players waiting, a 2-on/2-off scenario can be used.
  • Players waiting, are suggested to line up paddles in a group of four, to determine who is next to play on the next court. 
  • Stacking paddles indicates that those players are choosing to play together. As players exit the court they should insert paddles at the end of the line. When stacking paddles, placement in line is determined by the last paddle stacked.
  • All players waiting to play should be ready to enter courts as a group.

When players ARE NOT waiting to play and there are available empty courts…

  • Four players will play a game to eleven points.
  • If no other players are waiting to play, the same four players may continue to play another game.
  • If new waiting players are present, the waiting players have priority for court access.
  • During heavy player "traffic" times, please suspend "win by two" scoring and implement "first team to eleven" scoring.
  • We encourage players to meet new people, introduce themselves and mix up play when possible.