Rules and Operating Procedures

This document covers rules and procedures that are specific to the Trilogy Pickleball Club.  If there is an area of conflict, the Club bylaws or the Chartered Clubs rules will prevail.

I.  Member Responsibility:  Members must follow all TPC rules and must strictly follow the TVCAA and TPC code of conduct* at all times.  Failure to follow the beforementioned code of conduct may result in suspension of Club privileges and/or membership as deemed by the TPC Executive Board.  Members are encouraged to:  Serve the club by volunteering to serve on committees, teaching, being an officer, etc. Pay dues on time. Know club procedures. Know and abide by game rules and drop-in rules. Accompany house guests to the courts. Wear name tags. Stay informed by using our website.

* TVCAA Code of Conduct (3.3.2)


TPC Code of Conduct

1.  All persons must conduct themselves in a civil and courteous manner at all times and must not jeopardize or interfere with the rights and privileges of others.

2.  Loud, profane, indecent  or abusive language is prohibited.

3.   Verbal harassment or physical abuse of any person by another is prohibited.

4.   No person’s actions shall compromise the safety of another. All persons using the Pickleball courts shall obey all safety and TPC rules.

5.  Abusive use of the equipment and facilities located in and around the Pickleball courts is prohibited

TPC Disciplinary Procedure

Disciplinary Policy: All members of Trilogy Pickleball Club must abide by the TPC rules and Code of Conduct approved by the TPC Executive Board and all Trilogy HOA rules and policies. 

If a violation of the TPC Code of Conduct occurs, the TPC Executive Board, via quorum, will decide appropriate action, if needed, in the following circumstances:

  • The member(s) has/have failed to abide by the TPC Code of Conduct.
  • The member(s) has/have purposely disrupted meetings or functions in a way that      is not appropriate.
  • The member(s) has/have caused harm to any TPC members or Club.
  • The member(s) has/have failed to abide by Trilogy HOA rules.

Violations must be submitted in writing and authenticity may be verified by witnesses when possible.

The identified member(s) shall be affected by the following disciplinary action:

  • After review, discussion and majority vote in favor of a disciplinary action, the      TPC Executive Board will email a letter to the affected member(s) issuing a warning, or if necessary, an immediate 30, 60, or 90 day suspension of TPC scheduled play.  A copy of the letter will also be forwarded to the Trilogy Homeowners Association.
  • If multiple offenses occur the TPC Executive Board will recommend removal from TPC and all Trilogy Pickleball court privileges to the Trilogy Homeowners Association.

All copies of the documentation will be filed electronically and manually to ensure precise and accurate reporting in all situations concerning disciplinary action.

II.  Mission Statements and Job Descriptions

A.  Social Committee:  Shall organize activities to encourage social interaction of club members.  Any monies made from these events shall go to the club treasury.  The committee chair will report directly to the board member assigned.

1.   Job Description: Social Chairperson
a.   Develops social committee.
b.   Chairs committee.
c.   Reports to Club President.
d.   Attends Board meetings as needed.  Organizes and hosts social events for the club.
f.    Coordinates usage of and maintains equipment and food which is shared by other club events.
g.   Other duties as assigned by President or Board.

2.   Specific functions of Social Committee
a.   Host and provide food and beverages at award banquets, potluck dinners, BBQ, Christmas party, and any other events as directed by the board.
b.   Coordinate the use of facilities and equipment through the activities office for social functions.
c.   Facilities must be reserved well in advance of event with the Activities Office.
d.   All alcoholic beverages must be provided by Cafe Solaz.
e.   Coordinate and set up facilities for social functions.
f.    New Social Chairperson should be appointed before the last social event of the year.

B.  Ladder Committee:  The ladder committee runs the weekly League/Ladder program.  It consists of a ladder manager and ladder captains.  They shall make sure the ladders run smoothly and ladder rules are enforced.  The ladder manager will report directly to board member assigned.

1.   Job Description of Ladder Manager:

a.   Makes sure the Ladder Program is running smoothly by overseeing the Ladder Captains and the Ladder Rules as well as solving any conflicts or problems associated with the Ladder.  The Ladder Manager must have access to a computer and possess basic computer skills.  The Ladder Program may run all year including holidays.  Note:  All reference to Ladder Rules means LADDER MANAGEMENT RULES on the Trilogy Pickleball Club website – See website
b.   Oversees the Ladder Captains.
c.   Recruits and trains the Captains (or oversees the training if it is done by an existing Captain).
d.   Makes sure the Ladder Captains follow the Ladder Rules explicitly.
e.   Answers any questions, solves problems, etc. which the Captain may have.
f.    Keeps all Ladder Captains informed of any changes in the rules or policy.
g.   Lets the Ladder Captains do their jobs without interference.
h.   Oversees the Ladder Rules:
i.    Makes necessary changes to Ladder Rules with the Captain’s approval.
j.    Updates the ladder website when seasons change (playing times).
k.   Fills in as a Substitute Captain when needed.
l.    Keeps the communication lines open.
m.  Is the direct contact from the Board to the Ladder Program.
n.   Solves any disputes, problems, or complaints directed to the Ladder program.          
o.   Makes decisions in the Ladder Program’s best interest in meetings.
p.   Attend Pickleball Club Executive Board meetings as needed.

2.   Job Description of Ladder Captain: a.   Manages one skill level of the Ladder.  The Ladder Captain has a weekly         commitment, must have access to a computer and possesses basic computer skills.  The Ladder Program may run all year including holidays.  The Captain can share the duties with a Co-Captain.
b.   Be familiar with and enforce the Ladder Rules.
c.   Report directly to Ladder Manager.
d.   Maintain Ladder Administration site for assigned Ladder.

e.   Post rankings and schedules weekly as per the Ladder Rules.
f.    Keep players informed of changes of Ladder Rules or ladder programs.
g.    Organize and manage assistants, if applicable.
h.    Keep Ladder Manager informed of any problems or concerns.

C.  Webmaster:  Shall update website as needed and keep members updated on club news, rules and general communication issues.   Reports directly to the Board Member assigned.

1.   Job Description:
a.   The website is one of the primary sources of information that is available to members for club activities and procedures.  The Webmaster will gather information from various sources and keep the website updated in a timely manner.  The goal is to have the website be the main information source to members to supplement information that is available on the bulletin board and mass email.  Information is typically gathered from the following sources:

i.    Club President or other board members.
ii.   Committee chairpersons.
iii.  Email newsletters.
iv.  Club meetings.
v.   Other pickleball websites.
vi.  Tournament directors within TRILOGY and from outside the club.
vii. Tournament websites.

b.   Information on the website usually includes but is not limited to the following:

i.    Starting times for regularly scheduled playing events such as ladders, drop-in, round robins, etc.
ii.   Information on future tournaments including starting times and dates.
iii.  Clinic information in the form of an information page and online signup.
iv.  Tournament results and photos.
v.   Information about playing events such as round robin and mixers.
vi.  Information about coming social events.

2.   Requirements:
a.   Knowledge of how to create web pages by using a visual editor or by using a text editor with knowledge of HTML and CSS.
b.   Knowledge of transferring files to the website.
c.   The Webmaster should have good written communication and presentation skills, be well informed on club activities and be able to post information in a timely manner.

D.  Publicity: ​ Purpose is to enhance the positive image of the Trilogy Pickleball Club within in the community, to announce upcoming pickleball events which the public might be interested in, and to promote the sport of pickleball in TRILOGY and the surrounding community.  This is an executive board member or a volunteer reporting to the Board member assigned.

1.   Meet HOA requirements for club publicity.
2.   Keep announcements up to date on all TRILOGY community bulletin boards.
3.   May represent club at Coffee Talk quarterly.
4.   Submit articles/photos to the Trilogy newsletter.

E.   Safety – The executive board or Safety Committee shall ensure any potential safety issues are promptly corrected; post safety procedures prominently at the Club’s facilities and on the Club’s web site; the pickleball, tennis, and bocce clubs will share responsibility for monthly inspection of the AED;  ensure first aid supplies and accident report forms are readily available in the event of an accident; report all serious accidents to the Association within 24 hours (Accident/Injury Report).

F.   Membership – The Club Treasurer or Membership Committee shall be responsible for maintaining a roster of all Club members in good standing.  The roster shall be posted on the Club’s website.  Upon payment of dues, members will receive the password to access the roster on the web site.  All new members will receive a welcome letter with information about our activities and our sport.

G.  Instructions – The Instructions Committee may provide free lessons for beginners and will provide free strategy and technique lessons to “seasoned” members.  You do not have to be a Club member to take lessons.  The Committee will arrange and schedule clinics when warranted to enhance the skill level of members as well as train members in refereeing tournaments.  Lesson times shall be posted on the Club’s web site and at the Club’s bulletin board. 

H.  Facilities/Equipment – The executive board or the Facilities/Equipment Committee shall be responsible for ensuring the Club’s facilities are maintained and in playable condition, the nets are at the proper height, chairs are purchased/replaced as needed, court rollers/brooms are available and in good condition, and the court clock is working. The committee will contact the Association if any issues need to be addressed.