TPC Skill Level Ratings

All About The Rating Process

The TPC rating process is based on the USAPA/IPTPA assessment process and performed or supervised by an IPTPA certified instructor. Players are asked to perform a series of drills and are observed in live action play. Each rating level has a series of skills that need to be exhibited to demonstrate the ability to compete with like competitors. You can access rating sheets by clicking on the links below:

4.0 Rating Sheet

3.5 Rating Sheet

3.0 Rating Sheet

2.5 Rating Sheet

2.0 Rating Sheet

If you would like to join a rating session, please contact David Hinton via email at  A small rating fee is assessed to offset the cost of the IPTPA professional.

While participating in Skill Level Drop Ins and Round Robins you must play at your designated TPC Skill Level as per the "membership roster" located under the Membership tab on the TPC website.  New TPC members must go through the rating process for initial entry into Skill Level Drop In and Round Robin sessions.  Existing TPC members must go through the rating process and receive a higher rating to move up levels. 

Open Play participation does not require a rating.

Members may not participate in multiple levels. The TPC goal is to match like abilities/skill sets amongst players to ensure a fun and competitive environment.